GPS based Smart Vehicle Tracking Solutions

Az track is a GPS based navigation device that can be carried by a moving vehicle or person which operates on a 4G network and it tracks the object with an astounding 3 meters accuracy. The device uses GPS technology to pinpoint longitude, latitude, ground speed, and course direction of the target. Built with military-grade components it can withstand high temperatures and with unique features like geo-fencing, route fencing, fuel efficiency measurement and OBD port data extraction mechanism this is a one-stop solution for all the tracking requirements. Az track can be combined with an in-the-fuel-tank sensor and detailed fuel information can be accessed on one’s fingertips using the digital dashboard on our application.


Smart Doorlock Solutions

Wifi and bluetooth powered smart locking systems enable users to lock, unlock, transfer keys without physical proximity to the device.
The smartphone acts as a key and can access the lock through an android/ios application. The device keeps track of all accesses to it and can be used as an attendence monitoring system…more


LoRa based Smart Metering Solutions

LoRaWAN enabled smart water/energy meters for public utility companies as well as housing societies, factories and institutional campuses enable more efficient usage of resources. AMR system implemented using long range LPWAN technology, can provide periodic metering data apart from other useful parameters, that users may be intrested in. End devices can be controlled using downlink commands from central server. This is useful for remote monitoring/control applications using public/private network infrastructure. This leads to reduction of non revenue water and energy theft.

Energy Meter

Water Meter


LoRa based Asset Tracking Solutions:

GPS based LoRaWAN enabled devices are used for outdoor asset tracking at airports, transport fleet tracking, etc. Non-GPS based trackers can be used for high value indoor asset tracking in shopping malls, hospitals, educational institutions, factories and commercial complexes. Tracking information is transferred to a central server.


Bluetooth based Smart weighing solutions:

Smart weighing systems transfer the measured weight information from a spring balance to a smartphone using bluetooth technology. This is particularly helpful where the weighing is done at a remote un accessible location. It is also convenient to send the weight information to muliple stakeholders.