GPS based Smart Vehicle Tracking Solutions


azTrack is a GPS tracking device for real-time tracking of vehicles and other movable assets. This is a rechargeable device that can be mounted on to a vehicle or any moving asset on the go. The location data can be sent on configurable periodic intervals to a server through 4G technology. The data shall contain the real time location, timestamp and other relevant information. On a single charge, the device can last for 12-16hrs. With rechargeable battery and plug-n-play capability it removes the hassle of permanent mounting of the device onto any asset. Just charge and mount and it is good to go, as simple as that. No permanent mounting is needed. This is useful in tracking rented movable assets.


1. Real Time GPS Location

2. Configurable Data Trigger

3. Plug-n-Play Mounting

4. Offilne Data Recording

5. Configurable Periodic Updates

6. Configurable Cloud Interfacing

7. Robust hardware and housing

8. Communication via 4G

9. Rechargeable

10. LED Indications

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When the azTrack device is ON and sending location data, then the PWR led is on, the NET led is constantly blinking and the GPS led is constantly glowing. The STA led will be flashing occasionally to indicate that it is transmitting data. There can be momentary loss of the above condition depending on various conditions and the device will recover automatically when all the conditions like clear sky view, mobile network etc are available.

The device can be indicated to stop transmitting data from the cloud by sending a “STOP” command from the server.


Dimension : 120mmLx69mmWx38mmH
Weight : 225 gm
Operating System : Proprietary Firmware
Network : 4G
GPS : With internal Antenna 5db
Power Supply : Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
Battery : 3000maH
Charging Time : 4hrs
Running Time : Upto 12hrs on full single charge
Communication : MQTT, HTTP, HTTPS
Temperature : 0 – 70 degree Celsius


1) Check that device is fully charged

a) PWR LED is ON, and
b) NET LED is constantly blinking, and
c) GPS LED is constantly glowing

2) Check that device is transmitted data [ The STA LED flashing occasionally ]


3) Put the device into the protection pouch with “THIS SIDE FACES THE SKY”
side to the opposite of the Velcro side of the Pouch(i.e. pointing up).


4) Plug In the male adapter to the female adapter.


5) Mounting: Mount the Device on the velcro strip on Truck dashboard.


6) Always put the device with the front side facing the sky.The front side has a text


7) Unmounting:
a) Unplug the Device by holding the male adapter and pulling away.
b) Unmount the Device from the velcro strip on the Truck dashboard by pulling
the pouch upward starting from a side.