Asiczen Technologies is an Embedded system (IoT) company focused on IoT Products, customization in IoT products.

The Embedded team’s expertise ranges from Firmware & Device Drivers Development, RTOS Porting to Embedded Reference Board Development on microcontroller, ARM processor and
DSP processor based platforms. This team is responsible for Asiczen’s IoT offerings in smart home, smart city and smart solutions area.

IoT Trends in Ecommerce – Personalization Through Artificial Intelligence

Ecommerce trends for the future are heavily influenced by the use of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). Today, AI is enabling unparalleled user experiences in online retail through personalization.

  • Personalized product recommendations are now seen on most leading ecommerce websites. These recommendations have completely replaced endless product lists to offer unique shopping experiences to users. A product recommendation engine uses machine learning algorithms to gather data about each online user based on their historical browsing and purchase activity. Collaborative Filtering and Next-in-Sequence models are predominantly used for these predictions.
  • Personalization also goes a step beyond product recommendations. Ecommerce websites use different welcome texts, product descriptions, online shop navigation sequence, etc. based on the user’s historical data.
  • Big ecommerce players are additionally using visual search solutions to offer unique user experiences. Consumers can take photos of the products that they have seen offline and upload the images to get similar product suggestions.
  • Dialogue-oriented online retail involves the use of voice-controlled services or smart chatbots to engage with the customer.
  • Consumer location data is crucial for ensuring their convenience. An example of this is the curbside pickup facility that has gained popularity in some countries since the pandemic-induced lockdown. Such location-based services will see further growth in 2023.

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