azTrack FAQ

Asiczen has been manufacturing and selling GPS trackers for vehicles for a few years now. The most common application is Fleet management i.e. keeping track of a company vehicle’s whereabouts, and to enable recovery of a vehicle if stolen. A GPS Vehicle Tracking System offers numerous benefits to fleet owners. GPS tracking devices enable fleet owners to track all their commercial vehicles in real-time and enhance their fleet operations, utilization of resources and improved customer satisfaction. Please visit and take a look at the product "azTrack". Here is a list of key features that azTrack offers: Real-time Tracking Geofencing Reports and Analytics
Asiczen is one of the companies that makes GPS trackers. They specialize in making tracking devices for vehicles. They have features like real-time tracking of vehicles, Geo-fencing and report generation on various parameeters like top speed, fuel consumption, etc. These trackers are connectd to a mobile phone app with a google-maps like interface that can track multiple vehicles simultaneously. These trackers are currently used by fleet owners who need information regarding the whereabouts of their vehicles on their fingertips. Please visit and take a look at the product "azTrack".

azTrack App FAQ

  • Login to the application.
  • Open the side menu by clicking the 3-bar icon at the top left corner.
  • Click on "Devices."
  • Click on the plus (+) icon at the bottom of the device list page.
  • Follow the instructions to add the device.
  • A device will appear on the dashboard once it starts sending data.
  • Red: Indicates an alert (Theft Alert, Overspeed, Device Plug Out).
  • Green: The device is active and not in a blind, idle, or alert state.
  • Black: The device has not sent data for 15 continuous minutes.
  • Yellow: The device is in an idle state, sending data from one place.
  • Map View: You can switch from the normal view to the satellite view. Cluster: If multiple devices are in the same location, the app will display the number of vehicles in that area.
  • Refresh: Updates the map with the latest data.
  • Route Replay: Allows you to replay the route taken by a device.
  • Notification: Displays alerts and notifications related to the devices.