LoRaWAN Based Smart Pet Tracking Solutions

Prack is a LoRaWAN based indoor/outdoor tracking device for pet and other movable assets. This is collar based device that can be attach on to a pet or any moving asset on the go. The location data can be sent on configurable periodic intervals to our server through Lora technology. The data shall contain the real time location, timestamp, temperatures, movement, collar cut and other relevant information. On 2 AAA batters, the device can last for up to a year. With 2 AAA battery and plug-n-play capability it removes the hassle of rechanging the device. Just change it after a year and it is good to go.


1. Wi-Fi Based Indoor Tracking

2. GNSS Based Outdoor Tracking

3. Activity Monitoring

4. Temperature Monitoring

5. Collar cut detection

6. Low Battery alerts

7. Geo Fence alerts

8. Configurable Periodic Updates

9. Configurable Cloud Interfacing

10. Communication via LoRa

11. Plug-n-Play Mounting

12. Robust hardware and housing

13. IP67 Protection

14. Light Weight


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