This Ethernet PHY VIP Solution is a combination of three products (azEPHY, azENET, azMDIO). azEPHy is a system verilog based PHY model. azENET and azMDIO are UVCS used to drive the PHY at the MII, GMII, XGMII interface.

Feature List

  • Spports Ethernet version IEEE 802.3
  • Supports both half duplex and full duplex operation.
  • Contains 3 types of frame.
    • Basic frame (length/type <=1500)
    • Type frame (length/type >=1536)
    • Pause frame (Fixed size = 84 octets)
  • Supports MII, GMII and XGMII interface.
  • Handles collision detection and avoidance.
  • Supports carrier extension.
  • Supports error insertion scenarios.
  • Contains transmission and reception error scenarios.
  • Contains test suite to check all scenarios.
  • Download Datasheet